Why participate at Elektro?

Installation & Elektro Vakbeurs is a combination of two fields. Elektro is the platform for suppliers, producers and wholesalers in the electrical installation industry. In three days you will meet the installer who works with your products every day, a valuable target group!

Meet the installer

Start the conversation with the target group that works with your product: the installer. 64% of the visitors indicate that they are co-decision makers or final decision makers within the company.

Share your knowledge

Visitors name (product) knowledge as the main reason to visit Installation & Elektro Vakbeurs Hardenberg. Take the stage and show your knowledge and solutions!

Reach the Northeast of the Netherlands

80% of the visitors live in the Northeast of the country. Reach these (potential) business relations by participating at Elektro Vakbeurs Hardenberg.

Exhibitors at Installatie & Elektro Vakbeurs Hardenberg 2019

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